Course Pledge

As a student at Mr. Jefferson's University, you are trusted to be honorable.

We take advantage of this trust to provide a better learning environment for everyone. In particular, students in cs1120 are expected to follow these rules throughout the course:

I will not lie, cheat or steal. If I am unsure whether something would be considered lying, cheating or stealing, I will ask before doing it.

I will carefully read and follow the collaboration policy on each assignment. I will not abuse resources in ways that would be clearly detrimental to my own learning or unfair to other students.

Other Expectations

In addition to the honor rules, students in cs1120 are also expected to follow these behaviors:

I will be open minded and curious. I understand that this course adopts a different approach than other introductory computing courses offered at the University, and may buck many of the conventions followed by typical courses. I will ask questions when things make me uncomfortable, but also accept that being surprised, facing uncertainty and adversity, and being challenged unreasonably are often necessary for learning new ways of thinking.

I will do what I can to help my fellow classmates learn. Except when specifically instructed not to, this means when other students ask me for help, I will attempt to provide it. I will look at their answers and discuss what I think is good or bad about their answers. I will help others improve their work, but will not give them my answers directly. I will try to teach them what they need to know to discover solutions themselves.

I will ask for help. I will make a reasonable effort to do things on my own first (or with my partners for group assignment), but will ask my classmates or the course staff for help before getting overly frustrated. There are many ways to ask for help including the course website, slack group, and office hours.

I grant the course staff permission to reproduce and distribute excerpts from my submissions for teaching purposes. If may opt-out of this by adding a comment to your code, but without an explicit opt-out comment we assume you agree to it. My work will be attributed when it is shown in a postive way, but may be used anonymously if it is used to illustrate common pitfalls or other issues.

I will provide useful feedback. I realize that this is a new and experimental course, and it is important that I let the course staff know what they need to improve the course. I will not wait until the end of the course to make the course staff aware of any problems. I will provide feedback either anonymously or by contacting the course staff directly. I will fill out all requested surveys honestly and thoroughly.