Green Belt Promotion

If you received a Gold Star (Yellow Smiley) or better on Project 3, you have earned your Green Belt!

If not, here's what to do to get promoted:

  1. Complete Project 3. You can work with anyone you want to do this, and get help from students who have already completed it, but you must understand everything you turn in for this yourself.

  2. Solve the additional problem G1 below:

Problem G1: Define a function higher_curve that takes as input two curves (represented by functions that return points, as in Project 3) and returns a new curve that combines the two input curves in a way that always selects the highest (greatest y-coordinate) of the two points that would be produced for a given t value.

You can submit your answer by email (to with subject line Green Belt Promotion, and attached a Python file with all your code (this can be your completed file, with the additional higher_curve function, but it should be clear and easy for me to see the code you wrote for these problems).

This promotion opportunity is valid until Saturday, March 5, after which additional problems may be added.