Class 38 - Big Questions about Hard Problems


The last day to qualify for a new belt exam is the last day of class, Monday, 2 May. If you need more time, contact me before then to arrange a later opportunity. I believe I am up-to-date on responding to all submissions, so if you think you have submitted something without receiving a response, make sure to check with me after class today.

The exhibit that includes Jack Doerner's movie is today (Friday) at 5pm in Ruffin Hall, Room 103 (on the bottom floor).



Scientific American has an interview by John Horgan with Scott Aaronson that includes discussion of the P=NP question: Scott Aaronson Answers Every Ridiculously Big Question I Throw at Him. (You should also, of course, read Scott Aaronson's review of Dori-Mic and the Universal Machine!.)