Class 37 - Art and Computing


I am not able to hold my normal office hours on Tuesday or Thursday this week, but will have extra office hours Wednesday (10:30am-noon, Rice 507) and after class Friday. If you are not able to make these times, please contact me to arrange another time.

The last day to qualify for a new belt exam is the last day of class, Monday, 2 May. If you need more time, contact me before then to arrange a later opportunity.

Art and Computing

Jack Doerner (UVA Computer Science and Studio Art 2015) presented on how to use computer science to make interesting movies. You can see Jack's movies and other artwork at his website:

For more on art and computing, I recommend reading Paul Graham's essay Hackers and Painters (he also has a book with that title, that is a collection of essays, most of which are available free on his website.