This page archives all web page announcements.

20 January: Class 1: The materials for the first class: Class 1 Notes, Syllabus, Pledge
21 January: Snow day! Friday classes are canceled. Everyone in the class should have received this email.
25 January: Class 2 Notes (includes slides and links not on handout)
26 January: Answers to Questions (from registration surveys)
29 January: Class 4
1 February: Class 5
3 February: Class 6
3 February: Project 1 is due at the beginning of class Friday, please follow the submission directions closely.
5 February: Class 7
10 February: Class 9
12 February: Class 10
12 February: Project 2 is due at the beginning of class Monday Wednesday (due to snow day). Bring a stapled printout of your code. (There is no need to submit anything for Project 2 electronically, just bring the paper printout to class Monday.)
Yuchi has scheduled extra office hours for Sunday, 3-4:30pm in Rice 532.
15 February: Snow Day! (See the slack post or your email for details.)
17 February: Class 11 (includes extra code and example problems to try on your own); Project 3
26 February: Class 15 (Generalizing List Functions) (also see updated Orange Belt promotion requirements)
2 March: Please complete this survey before noon Thursday: Survey Link
2 March: Class 17 (Addition, Problems, Key Agreement); Project 4. If you did not earn a gold star ("yellow smiley") on Project 3, see Green Belt Promotion for how to advance.
5 March: The challenge ciphertext for Project 4 (see the end of the project page, but don't try this until you've finished everything else) is now available! Happy spring-break-code-breaking!

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